Testimonial & reviews

Our patients are the focus of all that we do here, their happiness is our objective. Hear what they had to say about their visit…
‘Doctor Apard’s technique is, in a word, revolutionary!’
D. Lefebvre
‘The operation technique is top notch! It’s quick and painless. Dr. Apard explains the procedure and the nurse is very considerate. No pain felt or hematoma following the operation.’
C. Rivolet
‘Rarely encountered such a  competent, gentle, humane, responsive and very attentive health professional.’
L. Kpucine
‘I am delighted with the result. No stoppage of work, no pain when the hand was at rest after the intervention…then no more pain after a few weeks even when using my hand for exertion gestures. In short, if one day I have to have surgery on my left hand, I’ll go there with my eyes closed!’
A. Pauwels