Meet the team

Our clinic specialises in non-invasive and local anaesthetic hand surgery. We pioneer new techniques led by Dr Apard, focused on treating muscle, bone and joint conditions with rapid recovery times and minimal discomfort.

Dr Thomas Apard

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Thomas Apard - Portrait

A holder of the European Diploma in Hand Surgery and author of more than 60 accredited international publications, Dr Apard is the leading expert on ultrasound and local anaesthetic hand surgery techniques.

Having established his Paris and Versailles practices in 2017, Dr Apard has been committed to pioneering advancements in ultrasound surgery. A member of the Exception MD Network, a collection of less than 20 doctors around the world dedicated to the innovation of effective pain-relief and treatment methods for the hand, wrist, and elbow.

Medical achievements
Fellowship in Japan: Yamagata University Hospital (Pr Ogino), Sapporo University Hospital and Osaka Medical Centre and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health (Pr Kawabata)
Orthopaedic surgeon at the University Hospital of Angers
Founder of the Diploma of Ultrasound guided upper limb surgery

Hand surgeon at the Private Hospital of Caen, France

Ultrasound guided surgery of the Hand at the Private Hospital of Versailles, Private Hospital of the Franciscaines

Author in Lalonde D. Wide awake hand surgery and Therapy tips. 2nd edition Ed Thieme 2021


Author in Apard T., Brasseur JL. Ultrasound of the upper limb. Ed Springer 2021

Medico-legal expert
Member of the French Academy of Surgery
Frederic Zettor - Portrait

Frédéric Zettor

Theater Nurse
A specialised operating room nurse since 2013, you couldn’t be in better hands. Frédéric assists Dr Apard during procedures and contacts patients for post-op check-ups.
Geraldine Pellegrino - Portrait

Géraldine Pellegrino

Géraldine is a lover of opera and sports, she keeps things running smoothly from the moment you arrive for your appointment.

Sabrina Torres

A former flight attendant for Air France, Sabrina is full of tales from her travels that you can escape into - if Paris isn't exotic enough.